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For an international real estate service company: providing Omani observers and supervisors

The client’s target was met successfully given proper planning and execution and availability of the right workforce.  The success to assemble a team of more than 35 Omani college graduates who are able to work with handheld devices in less than 5 working days was instrumental in completing the project.


The biggest challenge was that the client had not have an active presence in Oman.  Most of the work had to be conducted remotely, which meant that the actions and the numbers took a long time to note down and then to be analyzed. This was holding the client back; they knew they could corner more of the issue if they had a reliable recruitment partner who knows the Omani market. The work addressed three critical issues for the project handled by the client:

  • Identify and recruit 35+ college educated Omanis:

    Given the short-term nature of the project we had a challenge to look for the right calibers who will accept the terms set by the client.

  • Recruit, assemble and train the observers:

    This phase was handled in a very short period of time using the least amount of resources.

  • Take charge of day-to-day management of the observers:

    Having a relatively large number of observers widely spread across many buildings was a challenge perfectly addressed by our clients and adhered to by ourselves.


The solution First Capital came up with was based on our job portal database and our knowledge of the market.  Many Omani fresh graduates are focused on taking full-time jobs rather than entertaining part-time assignments.  There was another challenge associated with managing dropouts and absenteeism as finding immediate replacement was not easy and the training process was costly.


We got the right calibers under mutually beneficial terms and got the job done as per the client’s specifications.  We allocated additional reserve resources that immediately replaced dropouts and absent observers.

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