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Launch of a New Luxury Car ModelCall Center

Being able to reach the right client is very important.  Using the right methods and applying the right tools makes all the difference while pursuing your target market.


The client, a dealer of a luxury auto brand wanted to invite 250 VIPs for a launch of a new model accompanied with an exciting sports events.  We managed to secure the target number of relevant guests and contributed to the success of the event.

The challenge was to bring a large number of VIP potential buyers for an event sponsored by our clients.  The task consisted of the following elements:

  • Identify the right clientele:

    We reverted to our comprehensive database to identify the right invitees for this event.

  • Making the invitation:

    We contacted the potential invitees over the phone and introduce them to the event and requested their attendance.

  • Following up:

    Another round of calls were made to confirm attendance and proper follow up was made during and after the event to make sure that the job was delivered as expected by the client.

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we help Omani businesses obtain bank loans
Dr. Mousalam Alabdulrazzak
Group CEO, Golden Oasis

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