Are you fishing with a hook or a net?

How to grow your small business and achieve a million, 10 million or even a billion dollars in sales?


But before thinking of achieving these sales figures, have you thought of your abilities to achieve them?


Can your business handle revenues that are 10, 100 or even 10,000 times higher than your current income level?


To answer this question you should answer another question, which is:


Are you fishing with a hook or a net?


When comparing the two methods of fishing, I could think of a few differences in results;


  1.      If fishing is just a hobby to you the hook is just fine.  However, if you are to make a living you have to use a net.  Obviously, the net is designed to catch more


  1.      A hook will require regular maintenance and closer attention.  For every time the hook caches a fish you have to be there to remove the fish you just caught and make way to a new fish. Whereas, the net only requires your attention when it’s full.


  1.      The hook has a limited reach and depends on the strength of the rod and the length of the line.  However, once the net is properly placed all you need to do when it’s full is to sit in your boat and pull it towards the bot.


  1.      Even if you use the biggest hook in the world, it still can’t hold more than one fish at a time. The net on the other hand can spread hundreds of meter across the sea and go a few meters deep.


If you are serious about growing your business you should stop now and ask yourself: am I fishing with a hook or a net?!

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