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Financial Consulting

We bring the best experts in each industry from around the world to help Omani businesses turnaround and improve profitability.  We also conduct feasibility studies for planned projects in Oman and the GCC.  We also help small and medium enterprises  obtain finance through bank finance or equity partnership.

Recruitment Services

Running Oman’s largest job board www.jobibex.com to help employers in Oman, Kuwait, Saudi, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain identify and recruit GCC nationals and expats with experience in the Gulf market.  We also run the world’s fastest job portal for teaching and education careers www.hireteachers.net.

Direct Sales and Marketing

We have built a huge database of over 200,000 potential consumers in Oman categorized by income level, age group, gender, education and other criteria. We provide email, SMS, telemarketing and even face-to-face marketing services to promote our customers’ products, services, events and offers.  We also do data verification and validation, reminders, surveys, etc..

Startup Business Advisory

Help you develop your entire business plan by covering the following areas: idea testing and development, feasibility study and market research, pre-operational planning, starting up, operation management, finance, marketing, HR accounts, strategy and other key issues.

Entrepreneurship and Employability skills Development Programs

Our core competence lies in our set of entrepreneurship programs aimed at helping people start and grow their business.  We Created www.ibexperience.com which is an online training platform that specializes in employability skills and career development.  We also offer a number of staff retention programs that help employers reduce staff turnover.

Website Design & Online Services

Design and build specialized websites and help our clients improve their online presence through prudent SEO strategy and efficient social media management

We allow entrepreneurs to focus on their core business while we take care of the rest



Large and diverse client base, enormous database for marketers and over 100k of job seekers registered on our job board

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Fast Delivery

Our experience and dynamic operation management style allow us to complete tasks in a timely fashion

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State of the Art

Our strength is derived from the use of advanced tools and technology in executing tasks assigned to us by our clients

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